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Case Studies

Tom finds new role as a caretaker

After moving back to Telford Tom was looking to find a new role.

He contacted Job Box and was put in touch with a careers advisor who helped him to update his CV and begin his job search locally.

Tom had previously worked in the care sector but as he enjoys the outdoors he wanted some more manual so it was clear his CV needed to be tailored.

“Dave gave me lots of support – he advised on how to make my CV more targeted towards other work as it was focussed too much on care work. He also gave me advice on job searching and volunteering options for manual and outdoor work.”

“I have gone on to secure a new job as a caretaker which is great - the advice I got from Job Box with tailoring applications and my CV certainly helped. I’ve also applied for a voluntary position working for the National Trust in Benthall Hall, Broseley.

“I definitely have more confidence now in applying for different vacancies and knowing how to make my CV stand out more. A main barrier before I contacted Job Box was not knowing how to sell myself enough at application stage to get noticed.”

Paul finds new role after redudancy

Paul was made redundant during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.  He’d been in his role for a while and because of this he didn’t have an up to date CV.

After hearing about Job Box on the radio he got in touch and spoke to a Careers Advisor.

He said: “Having no CV was a definite barrier and I was desperate to start looking for a new job.

“After a couple of conversations David had talked me through how to get started. I was looking for a role as a Forklift Driver so he advised me how to make my CV relevant for this kind of work and showed me different job profiles to highlight my key skills that I have to offer employers.

“We also spoke about different jobs that are available at the moment and how to apply online by uploading my CV to job sites.

“We put together an action plan so I knew the different steps to take throughout my job search. I wouldn’t have been able to apply for these jobs without a CV especially in the current situation with the ongoing pandemic.”

"Job Box really helped me to get my job search back on track"

Sharon had been out of work for around 18 months when she contacted Job Box. After trying to find part time work she was becoming disheartened and felt she was not getting anywhere. She got in touch with Job Box for advice and support on her current CV and how to find a job.

Sharon told us: “The first thing we did was discuss my personal situation – the advice I was given was totally relevant to me and included lots of discussion on my current skills and what kind of job I was looking for.

“My careers advisor helped me to identify skills which I hadn’t even thought of. I was shown different job profiles for administration type roles which was the work I was looking for. I then tailored my CV to make it more relevant.

“They also continued to contact me to see how my job search was going and gave further advice about where I should send my CV and how to approach businesses. I now have a new CV which I feel more happy and confident with.

“Job Box were so helpful and very professional, they really helped me to refresh my job search and get back on track. I feel so much more motivated now."

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Job Box supports local business during pandemic

Job Box has already provided a support to a number of businesses who have been affected by the coronavirus. Here’s what one organisation said about the support they received.

“The Job Box team have run a number of virtual workshops, via Microsoft Teams, for our at risk employees to support them with CV writing and interview skills preparation. They even tailored the training to include hints and tips on preparing for a virtual interview, given the ongoing pandemic restrictions. This support was very much appreciated by our employees who participated in the sessions and by our management team. I would definitely recommend other employers to speak to the team about support they can offer during challenging times.”

If your organisation has currently been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Job Box can offer a range of support right now.

This includes 1-2-1 advice and group sessions to assist employees who are currently at risk of redundancy. Job Box can help get employees access to vital training courses, give advice on updating CV’s and preparing for job interviews as well as connecting people who are looking for work with local job opportunities.

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After completing his level 3 BTEC in business and accounting Lewis and was keen to find a new career in accounting where he could put to use what he had learnt at college.

Lewis, aged 19 and from Telford, contacted Job Box as he needed help putting together his first CV. A 1-2-1 appointment was arranged and Lewis was introduced to a Job Box careers advisor who went on to support him with his job search.

After Lewis explained what type of job he was looking for he was shown how to put together a CV and why it was so important to have a strong opening profile to promote his qualifications and personal objectives. Lewis was asked to talk about and give examples of his skills which proved a really useful exercise as it improved his confidence highlighting that you can advertise much more than just your work history and qualifications on your CV.

Next they looked through different job profiles to see what skills Lewis could match and include on his CV. Once Lewis’s CV was complete he was then advised on which types of jobs to apply for and practiced his interview skills.

Lewis was successful in applying for the account apprenticeship role with local company Tardis and once complete hopes to continue his career as a full time accounting technician.

Well done Lewis!