Raising the age of participation (RPA)

Raising the Participation Age has come about from new government legislation to encourage young people to stay in ‘education and training’ until they are 17, and then from summer 2015, to when they are 18.

It’s not quite the same as the school leaving age as it doesn’t mean young people have to stay on at school. They will have a choice of what they can do.

What are the options for young people that are defined as suitable ‘education and training’:

One option is to study full-time at school, college or with a training provider.

The second option is full-time employment or volunteering (full-time is counted as more than 20 hours a week) but it must be combined with part-time study or training.. You can’t just go and get any old job. It must be a job with training or the young person is not seen as fully participating.

The third option is an apprenticeship. You may think that apprenticeships are in traditional areas like engineering or catering at a fairly low level but there are many new apprenticeships at higher levels, some leading to degree level study such as the higher apprenticeship in legal services or media.

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