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Travel Support Options

The Telford & Wrekin Apprentice Travel Club

Telford & Wrekin Council and Arriva have joined together to offer great value travel ticket discounts to all apprentices who live in Telford & Wrekin and use a bus to travel to work.  The travel club not only provides you with reduced bus travel costs to-and-from work, you can use your ticket for unlimited bus travel 7 days a week.  So for no extra cost you'll be able to get out and about on your days off too.

To join the travel club follow this link:


Carshare Shropshire and Telford

Carshare Shropshire and Telford is a FREE web based portal open to everyone that lives and works in Shropshire and Telford, enabling them to share a journey. You can register today for FREE and find a carshare match. You do not have to be a driver to register.

Many businesses are registered with the scheme and have their own carshare group so employees can share together.

For more information and to register go to

Save pounds on your petrol * Reduce your CO2 * Save time on your commute * Share as often as you like/

Wheels 2 Work (W2W)

W2W is intended to help employees with transport issues. The advice/support options are moped, bicycle or public transport. This cut both ways and although it helps employees or potential employees to secure work, the employer can broaden their options. Apprentices who are often on a low income may find this a benefit.

It’s not a foregone conclusion and W2W will assess the options. If an employee is on a direct bus route that is suitable for the hours of work, then that’s what they will be offered. The nominal fee will vary depending on the option they choose.

Contact Details
Telephone: 01743 360641

Adult Cycle Coaching

This is an internal coaching course run by qualified instructors. The coaching will cover basic bike handling in a car free environment through to an advance level enabling to cycle through busy traffic. It’s flexible course and will work around the business wherever possible. One way would be to run a course after work. That way the running of the business is not effected and staff are already onsite. There is a cost for this programme but it would depend on what is required and how many attend, number of instructors required etc.

Quotations are easily arranged for interested businesses. For more information please email

Cycle to Work schemes

Cycle to Work schemes allows employees to ‘hire’ a bicycle and safety equipment (up to £1,000) for use on a regular commute to work through their employer. The cost of which is paid back through salary sacrifice over a period of 12 months out of the employees gross salary. Tax and national insurance contributions are not paid on money sacrificed to ‘hire’ the bicycle and safety equipment. Therefore employees can save between 30-40 % of the cost of the ‘bike package’.

Ask your employer if they have a Cycle to Work scheme. If your employer is not already operating a Cycle to Work scheme, there are a number of scheme providers, so encourage them to set one up.


Post 16 Transport Policy

Telford and Wrekin Council are required to publish a Post 16 Transport Policy.  Our policy for transport reinforces our approach to give young people skills and support to make successful transitions from education and training into sustainable employment.  Our main objective is that wherever possible we give young people the help they need to travel independently in a manner that is safe and sustainable.  Further details on the policy can be found here